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I believe in the healing power of nature. If we take a moment to immerse ourselves in an image of nature we will feel rejuvenated, renewed and revived. Studies have shown that what we look at not just affects our mood, but also how we relate to others and our attention to detail. So if your feeling stressed, run down or just deserve a break, look at the images under "Healing Art" and immerse yourself in them.
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Hi, I am a photographer & mixed media artist who has learnt the healing power of nature. I am also a Reiki master. I live with osteoarthritis & fibromyalgia, so live with constant pain. Nature & art have given me hope & help me to be grateful for life even such as it is. My desire is to help others on this journey and to help everyone to decrease their stress and increase their wellness through my "Healing Art". I have a blog at & my art is available for purchase as a gift to yourself or to others at I look forward to connecting with you & hope my images bring you peace, health & happiness in an imperfect world.
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rare Phenomenum, Uluru in the Rain

Okay I have a real treat for you all!!!

Most longtime residents of Central Australia know that the sight of rain
on the rock is a rare phenomenon.
Some say less than 1% of visitors ever get to see it in the rain!!!

Many wait years and never get to see it.

I was there during a rain storm in August. We were getting ready to leave and the rain started coming down. We took off out there from Yalara, caravan and all. As we approached the rock the sight was truely spectacular. Uluru in the mist, covered with waterfalls.
Uluru appearing out of the fog with waterfalls pouring off her.A truely rare and spectacular penomonum!

I raced around taking as many photos as I could, I could hardly believe what I was seeing, then I went into the waterfall I had visited the day before. Camera and tripod covered under my waterproof coverall I set up and started taking pictures. I could hear people around me, so I poked my head out and said there really was someone under here. The people laughed, they couldn't believe it. They said, "We were just saying what a shame that you had missed something as spectacular as this, and here you are!" We had met the evening before as I was photographing the sun setting on Uluru.

I told them wild horses couldn't have kept me away. This is why, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Uluru in the rain, the water bringing out the spectacular colors of the rock.

Waterfalls on Uluru

One of the main waterfalls at Uluru, a favorite spot even when it's not raining.

Water gushing down Uluru

The contrasts of rich colors and water falling from the rock

Uluru in all her glory as rivers cascade down her sides.

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