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I believe in the healing power of nature. If we take a moment to immerse ourselves in an image of nature we will feel rejuvenated, renewed and revived. Studies have shown that what we look at not just affects our mood, but also how we relate to others and our attention to detail. So if your feeling stressed, run down or just deserve a break, look at the images under "Healing Art" and immerse yourself in them.
My new line of photo gifts enables you to have Healing Art with you wherever you go and also to give as gifts to those who may not be into wall art.

The photogifts include watches, clocks, clothing, hip flasks,keyrings, usb sticks, phone covers, ipad covers,kindle covers, cushions, cards, stickers and so much more. Click on the tab that says Photo Gifts to see them all.

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Hi, I am a photographer & mixed media artist who has learnt the healing power of nature. I am also a Reiki master. I live with osteoarthritis & fibromyalgia, so live with constant pain. Nature & art have given me hope & help me to be grateful for life even such as it is. My desire is to help others on this journey and to help everyone to decrease their stress and increase their wellness through my "Healing Art". I have a blog at & my art is available for purchase as a gift to yourself or to others at I look forward to connecting with you & hope my images bring you peace, health & happiness in an imperfect world.
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Rest is the next best thing.

What is rest?
Peace, ease, or refreshment resulting from sleep or the cessation of an activity.
Sleep or quiet relaxation. Relief or freedom from disquiet or disturbance. Mental or emotional tranquillity.
Most people associate rest with sleep, but you are able to rest while being fully awake.
Why do we need to rest?
A quarter of all women and a fifth of men who work full time say they are dissatisfied with their work-life balance according to the 2010 Australian Work & Life Index. If we are able to have time to rest and relax we are better able to deal with the stresses of life. 32% of people also have insomnia or sleep disturbances, so they are stuck in a vicious cycle. However you can still get rest and recharge your batteries. According to Dr Matthew Edlund we need four types of rest - physical,social,mental & spiritual rest. 
So how can you get rest and restore balance to your life?
You take some "Me" Time.
Physical rest can just be a 5 min doze, social rest is about spending time with people that make us happy, mental relaxation can include visulization and listening, and for spiritual rest we need to be present in the moment. The way I find to do this most effectively is to sit out in nature and just enjoy the moment, however if you can't do this look at an image of nature instead, be present in the moment and imagine yourself in this setting. Spend a few minutes doing this a few times a day & you will experience the benefits. 
This is what I bring to you in my photography and art, a way to rest & relax wherever you are.

Natures Window
Allow youself to imagine that you are sitting in this natural rock window looking out at the vista before you, feel the warmth of the sun's rays and the cool touch of a gentle breeze, see the reflections in the water and allow yourself to flow through the landscape with the river. Take a deep breathe and inhale the scent of the bush. Take time to rest!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whale Watching

Whale's tail as it dives.
Today I got to tick something off my bucket list....Whale Watching. i had always wanted to take a boat cruise to see the whales, but had always put it off because I didn't want to get sick. But today was the day, I took my sea sick tablets and yet I still ended up feeling quite green, but it was worth it. Sometimes we have to put up with a little discomfort to realise our dreams. I didn't get as many photo's as I would have liked, but being ill made me sit back & just be in the moment, something us photographers often forget to do. Just sitting & watching them without getting frustrated about the missed images was very healing & calming. They really are absolutely magnificent creatures. Here are some of the pics I did get.
Whale's diving

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Things I am grateful for

Man & His best friend.....just one of the things I'm thankful for...
I have just updated my 365 day grateful project, so if you'd like to follow it goto and under photos look for 365 day grateful album.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dolphin magic

Many of us get great pleasure and company from their pets, but when we commune with wild animals in their enviroment, something magical seems to happen. It is as if these wild animals are taking time out to interact with us even when there is nothing in it for them. For me it helps to put life into perspective. Dolphins are beautiful creatures who own nothing and have to hunt each day for their food & yet still have time to frollick and play and even interact with us. I hope you can take the time to relax and just spend some time with them here.
I've got my eye on you:)


Let's play



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blowholes....dangerous but beautiful

We went to Quobba near Canarvon in West Australia and were facinated by the water being forced up through the holes in the rock forming what is commonly known as "blowholes".
This area is reknown for king waves which can suddenly come up & wash you to your death on the rocks below, but still we are drawn to the beautiful and the dangerous. As i shot this video I had Colin, my husband, watching ready to warn me if the waves even got anywhere near large.
Check the video out here
Remember in life we are often drawn towards things that are facinating yet often dangerous, but do we put safety nets in place & if we do, do we listen when they say Stop?